Experts in Social Media and Digital Marketing, Sheila and Maria have shared a beautiful friendship for over 18 years. They started this YAAS adventure with the intention to revolutionize the Social Media Marketing world in order to make it approachable to all the small businesses with great ideas but small budget to invest in.

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Maria Carneri


Born and bred in Italy, Sheila moved to Sydney in 2013. She is an outspoken character who has lived in three different continents: Europe, Middle East and Australia, supporting her desire for adventure. Former gossip journalist, in 2010 attended the 11th edition of 'The Big Brother' in Italy. She runs a successful blog 'Sheilaful' that was turned into an e-book in 2015. She has two great passions in life: telling appealing stories and creating relationships between people and brands. That's why in 2016 she founded Yaasocial! ® .

"I often wonder why companies don't make the most of social media to expand their brand awareness and make their products or services known to everyone. I realised that some of them don't even know where to start, others consider it a waste of time and money and many others run their social media channels without knowing what to do. Probably some of their competitors are achieving exceptional results, using social media, and they wonder how. I'm convinced that having a successful online brand is not just a matter of having more financial resources to invest, it's about having a powerful social media strategy to implement.

I founded Yaasocial! ® with the aim of making Social Media and Digital Marketing techniques more accessible to businesses that have great potential. "

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Based in Rome (Italy), Maria hopes that one day she will experience a Jules Verne adventure, going around the world in eighty days, and set up a women's club where women can create new synergies and capture interesting professional opportunities. She loves to take long walks with her dog Pepito and find new places to organize dinners with friends.

"In terms of digital communication strategies, I really believe that companies need to consider a positive and innovative approach because traditional marketing is not enough, not anymore.

More often consumers choose a brand rather than another because that particular brand has a story to tell and customers feel they can recognize themselves and their values in that story.

The brand values are the key elements that many businesses overlook during their storytelling activities. My goal with Yaasocial! ® is to help them to make their brands recognizable, sharing their values and messages with the world. "

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